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We understand from a Christian Worldview that social justice is a call and responsibility from God to take care of the poor, the marginalized, the outcast and the abused, as Jesus did.

The prophet Micah reminds us that seeking justice for others is Good. Likewise, James, the half-brother of Jesus declares our faith practice is at its purest when we care for society's most helpless.  Jesus stated that to love and serve the neediest is to love and worship him.  

inspired 2 impact has launched inspired 2 end to address the social justice needs of your community, our nation, and in the world.  inspired to end (#i2e) challenges students, like you, to become involved in social justice causes to end poverty, sex trafficking, illiteracy, clean water shortage, and others. Students will engage with other students to build awareness and a knowledge base of needs and service hurdles using online social space. A cause host will lead these discussions. The host will also direct students to design a project to make a difference locally, nationally, or internationally concerning the social justice cause.  Participants will start a fundraising campaign with our Sagamore Leadership/inspire 2 impact partner, Todah Give, encouraging others to get involved, too.

Current Social Justice causes include:

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#i2e: haiti

In a country where nearly half the population is under the age of 18, education represents a major challenge for Haiti. School fees are required at both private and public schools making education out of reach for many, especially for the 5.5 million Haitians who live on less than a dollar per day. Consequently, illiteracy plays a large role in deepening the social and economic divide among Haitians. Illiterate citizens face even steeper challenges in accessing opportunities that would help them achieve better conditions for themselves and their children. Obtaining an education will be the means by which Haiti will empower its people, improve its living conditions, and rise from an impoverished third world nation. 

 #i2e: haiti will provide awareness to members of this issue and of the hurdles and potentials for change.  Group members will research ways to provide education to the Haitians and raise funds to do so.

To become a member of i2e: haiti follow the link.

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#i2e: rescueandrestore

Trafficking is a plight of epidemic proportions around our world.  This exploitation is robbing millions of their God-given identity by making them a commodity. A $32 billion annual industry, modern day trafficking is a type of slavery that involves the transport or trade of people for work. The "work" comes in many forms, including forcing victims into prostitution, subjecting victims to slavery or involuntary servitude and compelling victims to commit sex acts for the creating pornography. According to the U.N., about 2.5 million people around the world are ensnared in the web of human trafficking at any given time.

 #i2e: rescueandrestore will educate members about trafficking and its global impact. Group members will research, strategize, raise funds and implement a plan to rescue and restore victims of trafficking.

To become a member of i2e: rescueandrestore follow the link.