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UNPLUG 2 PLUG IN challenge

The typical American student spends nine hours a day on social media. That statistic is two hours more than the amount of sleep the average teenager is currently getting each night. Students are plugging into technology and social media at increasingly alarming rates, yet only 38% off all students volunteer in their communities. 

inspired 2 impact's Unplug 2 Plug Challenge asks students to make a difference in the lives of those in their communities. inspired 2 impact challenges students to unplug from social media and technology for two hours per week and plug in somewhere in their communities to make a difference, to change a life, or to the better the welfare of community members. 

Serving and volunteering can take on any number of forms.  Students can volunteer at their churches, at homeless shelters, by supporting humane societies, during disaster relief efforts, or by bringing awareness to bullying, sex trafficking, and other community crisis.  Students can even plan projects to raise money for non-profit organizations or individuals who have special needs. Check out the inspired 2 impact Causes page for ideas.

Are you ready to take the challenge?  Are you ready to be the difference in your community and the lives of others?  If so, below you will find all the resources necessary to dive in into your inspired to impact Unplug 2 Plug In Challenge.

  1. Unplug 2 Plug In Step by Step Instructions
  2. Unplug 2 Plug In Video Summary Instructions
  3. inspired 2 impact "be the difference" Poster
  4. inspired 2 impact"Unplug 2 Plug In" Poster
  5. "I Am the Difference" Poster