inspired 2 impact challenges students through the following projects to serve locally in their communities, to engage in social justice issues, and to encourage other students to do the same.

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 inspired 2 impact (#i2i) - Unplug 2 Plug In

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#i2i - Unplug 2 Plug In challenges students to decrease their use of electronic devices and social media (UNPLUG) and use this free time to serve (PLUG IN) at a non-profit organization in their community. Students will then share their experiences in an online video to encourage others to do the same.


inspired 2 end (#i2e) - Social Justice Causes

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#i2e challenges students to become involved in social justice causes to end poverty, sex trafficking, illiteracy, clean water shortage, and others. Students will engage with other students to build awareness and a knowledge base of needs and service hurdles using online social space. These causes will be lead by a host. The host will also lead students to design a project to make a difference locally, nationally, or internationally concerning the issue.  Participants will start a fundraising campaign with our Sagamore Leadership/inspire 2 impact partner, Todah, encouraging others to get involved, too.