"We are too young to know that things are impossible so
we will do them anyway."

William Pitt from Amazing Grace

Sagamore Leadership Initiative and Inspired 2 Impact believe that when you are given the opportunity to do something great and are given the tools to accomplish it, you will pursue it with passion. Inspired 2 Impact helps you identify service opportunities, learn from your peers and experts, and use your youth, passion, and influence to make a positive difference in your community and the world.

UNplug 2 Plug in

#i2i - Unplug 2 Plug In challenges students to decrease their use of electronic devices and social media (UNPLUG) and use this free time to serve (PLUG IN) at a non-profit organization in their community. Students will then share their experiences in an online video to encourage others to do the same.


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Inspired 2 End

#i2e challenges students to become involved in social justice causes to end poverty, sex trafficking, illiteracy, clean water shortage, and others. Students engage with other students to build awareness and a knowledge base of needs and service hurdles using online social space. Students will then design and raise funds for a project to make a difference around the cause.

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